Crepe Paper Streamers: Make Crepe Paper Flowers

You have likely seen those crepe paper blossoms round somewhere and wondered yourself about how to make them. Well, to start with you could clearly require crepe paper streamers. You may use any old slice of streamers, like those ones left from the party six months past, or left into a box out of dad and mom’s anniversary last year. They make a great addition to your gift, or used as extra decoration on a cake, or to run on your sister’s room and add lights to it, just to let her know she’s special.

The very first thing you will need is floral cable. Just flex it at the shape of an old-fashioned hairpin by bending in half. Hold it in order that the bend end is up.กระดาษห่อเหรียญ
Next, you’re going to require a little bit of double sided tape. Attach a piece to the surface of the wire where the bend is, and secure it securely.
Today, you’re going to require the streamer. Cut two portions of it to about 18 inches long each. Use free colors if you’ve got them.
Subsequently, using one of those bits of crepe paper, start at one end, and then wrap it around the tape in order your extended border is the one being stuck to the tape. The top advantage will flare out and commence to seem like a blossom.
Secure the end of the streamer you’re using with yet another piece of double sided tape. Wrap any excess tape across the wire below.
Add the next Section of paper. Assessing the process. Just keep twisting the paper across the cord and permitting it to flare too, filling in your blossom.
When you are finished, utilize some floral tape to wrap the very close of the crepe paper streamer and fasten it to the cord. Keep on wrapping tightly all the way down the cable until you reach the underside and after that stretch the floral tape and break off.
Maintain making blossoms until you crash out of this paper, or you have created enough of them to get a bouquet. You can slice the paper in half lengthwise and make smaller blossoms in the event that you’re using them to get a cake.
Whatever you choose to create, this can be really a fantastic method to use up most those additional pieces of streamers that no body appears to learn what todo with. This makes people think that you spend tons of time considering ways to create them feel special, when it only takes a few minutes, but creates this feeling.

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